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SeamanSafety Training

Empowering Safety: Our specialized training sessions provide expert guidance on servicing and maintaining onboard life-saving equipment, such as life rafts, lifeboats, lifebuoys, fire extinguishers, and other essential safety devices. Compliant with international regulations, including MSC Circular 1206, our comprehensive training programs equip your personnel with the necessary skills and proficiency to ensure optimal performance of these vital safety devices at sea.

Anytime anywhere whenever you need.

In addition to the manufacturer identity of SeamanSafety, we are an authorized training center of 14 different manufacturers of lifeboats and lifting appliances, 8 different manufacturers of liferafts, and also we offer LSA and FFE training to our partners.

We provide a comprehensive training course of Lifeboat and Lifting appliances and liferaft which are issued by maker,

  • Freefall Ramp, Rescue Boat & Liferaft Crane
  • Liferaft
  • Freefall Lifeboat
  • Inflatable & Rigid Rescue Boat and Lifting Appliances

LSA and FFe training courses are also issued by maker and include below

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers and Fixed CO2 and Water Mist System
  • EEBD and SCBA
  • Gangway, Accomodation, Embarkation and Pilot Ladders
  • Immersion Suits Fire Hydrant and Couplings
  • Test Bags and Baloons
  • Hydrostatic test Machine